We believe that…

making candidates feel welcome and comfortable will increase employee engagement and performance.

When hiring from abroad you may be concerned about stuff like…

– will they stay?
– the paper work?
– what about social life?
– what about the cultural differences?

but don’t worry – let us help you onboard!

What do we do?

Structured onboarding makes new hires adapt faster and facilitate both professional and social life at the workplace. We support our customers in developing and executing an onboarding process with the ambition of reducing time to onboard and increasing engagement of new hires.

Practical help

We help the candidate settle in. We provide practical support to get started in Denmark.

Off job

We introduce the candidate to Danish culture and help them establish a local network in Denmark.

On job

Through sparring and support we help you to get the candidate integrated into your corporate culture.

Why Talent Partner?

Our recruiters have the same cultural background as the candidates and we have years of experience in onboarding. Thus language and cultural barriers are minimized and we are able to make an accurate and efficient onboarding plan.

Why invest in onboarding?

Securing an efficient onboarding process has great benefits for both employers and employees.

Time to perform

Get you employee up to speed in half the time with successful onboarding.

Retention of employees

Onboarding reduces the risk of the new employee leaving you company in the early stages.

Lowered stress

So many new things to learn and know. Onboarding will lower the stress level for the new employee.

Lower total recruitment cost

Reducing time to perform and improve retention will lead to lower total recruitment costs.

4 steps of our onboarding process



What is the onboarding program ambition?



How can you jump start the new colleague?


Start up

What feeling should the employee get?



What can we learn from our new colleague?

Pick and choose onboarding process

We offer a full range of onboarding services option, because it offers the best value, but our clients are free to pick and choose any services to cover their needs.

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