We believe that…

recuiting best matching talent is the most important step to company success

Do you experience that you …

– cannot meet customer demand?

– lack qualifications and skills?

– cannot find the employees you need?

– need to compromise on job requirement profile?

Then let us help you recruit!

What talent do we recruit?

Our team recruits Eastern Eurpean IT professionals from all areas of IT, including, but not limited to:


-Architecture & Infrastructure

-IT management

-QA & Web development

Why Talent Partner?

Our recruiters have the same cultural background as the candidates we search for. Thus language and cultural barriers are minimized and we are able to make more accurate assumptions about professional and personal qualifications.

Why hire international candidates?

One of the most important decisions you can make is to hire the best employee. Hiring IT candidates from Eastern Europe gives you plenty of benefits.

Access to larger pool of candidates

Expanding your candidate search geographically gives you access to a larger pool of well qualified and skilled applicants.

Shorter time-to-fill

Access to a larger candidate base will help to fill the available position faster  than waiting for the right local candidate.

Higher qualification of candidates

Information Technology professionals in Eastern Europe are among the best in the world.

5 steps of our recruitment process

Pick and choose recruitment process

We offer a full range of recruitment services option, because it offers the best value, but our clients are free to pick and choose any services to cover their needs.

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