We believe that…

the time to think about employer branding is long before you ever post a job

Why employer branding?

How a candidate perceives your company plays a vital role in your recruitment strategy and the competition for attracting the best talent. That is why there are considerable benefits in showing your unique company culture and why one should work for you.

Reaching candidates internationally

Leveraging your employer branding strategy through online channels gives you an advantage of reaching candidates on an international level.

Higher job consideration rates

A strong employer brand means providing a positive impression of your company culture, values and mission, which is directly linked to increasing job consideration among the candidates.

Lower cost per hire

Candidates will be more qualified since they already know if they fit in your company before they apply.

Access to passive jobseekers

Investing in employer branding can lead to attracting and converting passive candidates.

Your employer brand is the foundation of an effective recruitment strategy … it’s not a quick fix but a long term strategy

Let us help you manage your brand!

Your employer brand has a significant impact on your ability to attract top talent and turn them into brand ambassadors – Talent Partner can help you.

Depending on your needs, we offer flexible solutions including consulting, setup and maintenance of your employer brand.


We analyse and advice how you may improve your employer branding.


We help you prepare to work with employer branding yourself.


We manage all your employer branding.

Our 6 step employer branding process

1. Get input

– be aware of your current reputation as an employer

We gain clarity by analyzing your company’s current situation.

2. Target group

– don’t be a place where everyone wants to work

We identify your target group(s) and adapt the strategy to them.

3. Define your brand

– compel to your target group

We help you define your unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

4. Bring it to life

– words and visuals brings it to life

We help you create a content plan and relevant messages for your target group.

5. Spread the word

– if you don’t tell, nobody knows

We identify tools and platforms that can bring your messages out to your target group.

6. Optimizing

– never stop improving

We gather data and improve and adapt your solution where needed.

Pick and choose employer branding services

We offer a full range of employer branding services option, because it offers the best solution, but our clients are free to pick and choose any services to cover their needs.

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