5 reasons why recruitment is tough in IT industry


Undeniably, the IT industry is one of the most fast-paced and you know how tough it can be to hire the right people. This is incredibly difficult when you are short-staffed and especially hard when a big project is emerging. Here are a few reasons why you might have problems with recruitment. 

Vicious competition for top talent

The technological development that is happening right now and a growing number of IT services/products only makes it more difficult to find the right match to cover your company’s needs. You must face new challenges and be innovative in your recruitment processes to stay on top of your game.

Not enough resources

As a small or medium business, you do not have a clearly established recruitment process, which could lead to chaos and result on hiring wrong candidates. You know you should create a professional image in the eyes of your potential candidates, but you only have time to do administrative tasks.  

You don’t know where your candidates are

You know there are candidates out there, but where exactly to find those with the same values as your company and who will be interested in the great job opportunity you offer. Nowadays, IT professionals can be in so many places: online and offline. To acquire the right talent, you need to be present and active at so many platforms, but you don’t really know what bases to cover. It’s very important to place job offers to the right audience, as you might want to save time to hire.

Interviewing without proper screening

You schedule a lot of interviews with potential candidates, while you would like to talk to fewer candidates but with the right technical and personal qualifications for the job. You would like to run a couple of tests prior to the actual interview to find out whether the candidate is the right fit in order to go more into depth during the interview.

High drop rate

After interviews you need some time to evaluate and decide on your final candidate.  You must be present, efficient and consistent in your communication. Your decision making can highly influence a candidates’ decision. You need to make sure that they don’t go looking for other opportunities instead.

As mentioned above, the IT industry is a battle for the top talent and you might have experienced it too. You want to make sure that you hire a top-notch talent without spending too much time to get you recruitment in place.

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